About Us

About Verdict Systems

Welcome, Verdict Systems BV focuses on improving the Cold Chain of temperature sensitive products through the Supply Chain.

We offer various product lines and technologies to monitor worldwide parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. Through internet this information will be presented on your computer to monitor the Supply Chain and store these results.

As all data are stored in a database, all mission results can be presented easily. Over time results even can be compared to analyze chain partners. These data are also used in disease models, shelflife programs etc to create automated advises rather than unsafe medicines, tainted fish or cooked flowers.

A safe and healthy product often starts on a farm, in a laboratory or in a factory. Therefore our products and services also include wireless equipment, weather stations and GPS mobile data collectors to be able to analyze every aspect of your Supply Chain. In this way you are able to monitor production sites, storage locations, trucks etc. Inform us about your requirements and let us help you.

Thank you very much.