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Cold Chain Monitoring:

Have you ever experienced your product containing too high levels of micro-organisms, leading to recalls? And your attention being diverted to a lengthy investigation revealing a quality loss during transport? Now there is a solution: Verdict ChainView.

Verdict ChainView is a complete integrated Monitoring System for the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical industry. Verdict ChainView is designed to avoid quality risks of your product during production, storage or transport by monitoring the relevant parameters during all parts of the Supply Chain. After receipt of your product at your customer, Verdict ChainView shows whether your product is safe to use, or not. All data are presented to authorized persons only. Data can be analyzed easily and Supply Chain partners can be compared with historical data.

Verdict ChainView supports the safety and security of your product and increases your business results. Verdict ChainView is a complete system meeting the highest technical standards and requirements.

Unique Selling points:

  • Independent from hardware manufacturers: we choose the optimal technical equipment for your specific situation;
  • Data can be used into disease models so you immediately know the status of your product;
  • Complete package: hardware, software, webbased database, training;
  • Tailor made solution, turnkey delivered.

Cold Chain Monitoring

How it works:

Perishable goods are monitored through the Supply / Cold Chain using (RFID-) dataloggers, sensors or other specific devices. This equipment is used to monitor single goods, trolleys or vehicles. Data are automatically analyzed so any unexpected situation can be logged and employees will be alerted.

The information can be monitored for immediate action to avoid unsafe products going into the market. Through internet all data can be accessed worldwide, to be able to immediately detect any damaged products.

The Supply Chain partners can be identified by the events of ID’s of antennas. As a result it is possible to analyze big amounts of transports to further optimize the Supply Chain. Optionally the data can be used in shelflife models to automatically advice on remaining shelflife and implement a FeFo - system (First Expired, First Out).

Verdict ChainView consists of all the required hardware, databases, infrastructure, internet connections as well as training and implementations upon choice. Let us know your challenge and see what we can do for you.

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