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Cold Chain Monitoring

Verdict ChainView: perishable goods are monitored through the Cold Chain using dataloggers or sensors. This information can be monitored during transport for immediate action or afterwards to avoid unsafe products going into the market.

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Wireless Monitoring

Verdict Wireless: is used to collect data where a wireless connection is preferred above traditional ways of data-collecting. Temperature, humidity, CO2, light, pressure data etc. can be collected wireless right up to 1500 m free line of sight.

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Weather Monitoring

MeteoView: with our weather stations a wide variety of parameters can be monitored, like temperature, humidity, leaf-wetness, soil moisture, light, wind gauge and speed, etc. Data can be observed directly in the field or on a website, including disease models.

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News & Events

Nov 26 – 28, 2013 – Tuinbouw Relatiedagen Venray
Location: Evenementenhal Venray

Verdict Systems will exhibit at the Growers Exhibition ‘Tuinbouw Relatiedagen’ in Venray.

We will demonstrate our integrated Monitoring platform. Verdict Systems developed MeteoView and ChainView as an integrated platform to communicate information between growers, producers, advisors, customers, traders and other stakeholders. Data from various monitoring systems are uploaded into a webapplication and used in several advisory models to support growers. Diseases in crops can be predicted, just like remaining shelflife of transported goods. Incidents during production or storage can be reported and the Supply Chain can be optimized.

Febr 11 – 13, 2014 – Tuinbouw Relatiedagen Gorinchem
Location: Evenementenhal Gorinchem

Verdict Systems will exhibit at the Growers Exhibition ‘Tuinbouwrelatiedagen’ in Gorinchem. We will expose our Crop Monitoring platform.

Data from micro-weatherstations are uploaded into a webapplication and used in disease models to advice growers.

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Welcome to our website

Verdict Systems BV focuses on improving the Cold Chain of temperature sensitive products through the Supply Chain.

We offer various product lines and technologies to monitor worldwide parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. Through internet this information will be presented on your computer to monitor the Supply Chain and store these results.

As all data are stored in a database, all mission results can be presented easily. Over time results even can be compared to analyze chain partners. These data are also used in disease models, shelflife programs etc to create automated advises rather than unsafe medicines, tainted fish or cooked flowers.

A safe and healthy product often starts on a farm, in a laboratory or in a factory. Therefore our products and services also include wireless equipment, weather stations and GPS mobile data collectors to be able to analyze every aspect of your Supply Chain. In this way you are able to monitor production sites, storage locations, trucks etc.

Inform us about your requirements and let us help you.

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