Products & Services - General Principle

General Principle:

Verdict Systems BV is specialized in analyzing environmental conditions in production/storage locations and during transport of perishable goods. Depending on the needs, we employ weather stations, dataloggers or wireless sensors to collect data and send these to protected databases. From there the results can be studied or combined with some specific models for shelflife or diseases. In this way millions of data are translated automatically into advices to support a manager in his daily work.

Our products can be used in markets like Food, Pharma, Agriculture and Chemical Industry basically any industry that wants to avoid risks of products that passed critical thresholds. The objective is to identify if critical specifications of a perishable are passed. Via internet data are communicated and stored in secured databases. Worldwide, authorized users can have access to these data to get a complete picture of the Cold Chain.

Cold Chain Management is NOT about just collecting temperature data of a shipment by using a datalogger. Our products enable you to monitor 1000-s of shipments, compare and analyze their differences and draw conclusions. And that at a cost of less than $ 1 per shipment.

General Principle