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Weather Monitoring

Weather stations: Verdict Systems BV is a partner of Spectrum Technologies. We offer weather stations feature leading-edge measurement technology that our customers have come to rely on. Used by over 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, including Pioneer Hi-Bred, Monsanto, Syngenta, USDA-ARS, Dow AgroSciences, Chiquita Brands, Dole, and all major universities. Growers, Ag consultants, and golf course superintendents depend on WatchDog weather stations for solid performance and accurate weather data.

Along with our range of 15 different weather stations, we offer a wide variety of sensors that can be connected easily, like temperature, humidity, leaf-wetness, soil moisture, wind gauge and speed, PAR- and UV light etc. Data can be read directly from an LCD, or optionally the data can be uploaded by GPRS modem into our website to enable a group of growers to see the soil and weather data. In a number of crops we also offer disease models that may be connected with actual data to inform. Please let us know your needs so we can advice you.

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